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Color Analysis is a Tool, not a Rule! 

How Do I prepare for my Color Analysis Appointment?

It is important that all makeup be removed. If you wear colored contacts, they must be removed too. Results can also be skewed if a client has any faux tanner on the skin, or has been recently sunburnt due to extended sun exposure. If you wear glasses, it is recommend you wear colorless contacts if you have them, as you will be asked to remove your glasses periodically for proper visual analysis of the eyes vibrancy and undereye skin color. 

My Hair is colored and/or graying, will that affect my results?

No! If your hair is colored (even in a color matching is close to your natural hair color) we will cover it during the analysis process to ensure an accurate result. After we have determined your season, we can let your hair down to look for your WOW colors within your season. We can also discuss hair colors that are in your seasonal color palette. I have hair color samples, bangs, in the studio that we can examine next to your  face and compare if the colors are in harmony with your natural coloring! 

Will you tell me about my best hair and makeup colors? 

Yes, the color analysis results apply to your hair color and makeup colors. We will try different lipsticks colors on you to find your best neutral and your best Glam color. If you want recommendation on hair colors that are in your season and would be harmonious for you, I can give you suggestions and show you examples. 

Why can't I wear any color?

You can of course wear any color you like but each color has many different shades some of which will make you look good and others can make you look quite sickly.

I don't think anyone would choose a shade of green that makes them look ill?

Once you've found your own color palette, you'll find it easy to begin mixing and matching for simple co-ordination.

Will I get a Swatch Wallet or Color Palette to take home?

Yes, you will receive a color palette to take with you to help you remember your best colors.

Will you tell me that I can't wear Black?

It’s not about not wearing certain colors, it’s about understanding how to wear them for the best effect. Some shades of color will look far more complimentary on you than others. If  there is a color that is "better than black" option for you to wear, you will now know those colors and can use that information for future purchases. You’ll learn how to wear color to achieve your best look. There will always be some colors that just don’t work for us – they may make you ill, leave you feeling washed out or grey or down. Discover instead the colors which make you look your best and avoid having a drab day again!


Why does my seasonal color palette matter?

Discovering your seasonal color can help you hone what colors look best on you and help you discover what new shades you should integrate into your wardrobe.  It also provides clarity on why a certain shade might not work for you.
Seasonal color analysis is a great place to start with your own unique color palette. Certainly, you can expand it and develop a color palette that is uniquely you. However, this information will help guide you on how to choose colors outside your palette as well, by knowing your hues and picking colors with the correct undertones.

How does Color Analysis work?

Color Analysis identifies the natural Hue, Value and Intensity of the characteristics in your eyes, hair and skin.  The results lead to different combination which are categorized into "the seasons". The palettes are named after the seasons because the color palette is indicative of features of those seasons. Your seasonal palette of colors will be the colors that are most harmonious on you, they give you an overall healthier more vibrant appearance that lets your inner radiance shine!

What are some of the benefits of doing a Color Analysis?

When you know your personal palette and dress in it, you can confidently know you are wearing your most harmonious colors. 

  • Selecting harmoniously colored clothing will become effortless and fun

  • Your wardrobe will coordinate and mix-and-match with ease, making putting together outfits a breeze

  • Shopping will become a more enjoyable and economical experience - you will be able to bypass “trending” colors that would end up unworn and cast off before long and instead, hone in on pieces in colors you know will look fantastic on you for years to come

  • You will know how to select makeup that will flatter your skin tone - no more mistakes buying the wrong shade of lipstick that looked great in the tube or on your sister or friend

  • Your eyes will look brighter and your skin will look clearer, making you appear healthier and more rested wearing colors that you know harmonize with your natural coloring

  • Your unique natural beauty will shine through, not dulled or overshadowed by colors that are that wrong shade, depth or undertone

I've had a Color Analysis in the 80's, will my results be different?

If you were analyzed in the 80's or by a different method other than the 16 season International Image Institute method, it is likely you will end up with a different result!

If you were previously typed in a 4 Season Method (which only has options for warm or cool undertones), you will likely get a more specific (and possibly different!) result with the 16-season method. The 16 season method is a more reliable, more detailed, and scientific approach than the 4 Season Method. It's a great way to get the most accurate and specific result available in the marketplace today.

Similarly, if you were analyzed virtually or digitally, you may have a different result. Simply put, digital or virtual analysis is faulty. Digital images are unreliable and often lead to incorrect results.

Quite the opposite. Understanding how to wear and combine different colors together enables you to build a cohesive, versatile, modern and lifestyle appropriate wardrobe. Sustainable dressing and the desire to buy less and wear more is on the rise. More people have the desire to understand what suits them best so that they can make better buying decisions. and  know they’ll look good as a result. Indeed, we did this in the 80's  but it’s been fine tuned and updated. 




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