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Our Testimonials

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Gretchen was absolutely amazing! Very in-depth and a joy to be around. It can be easy to be overwhelmed or confused, but she made the process a breeze!

Gillian R.


If you are on the fence, do it! Prior to this experience with Gretchen, my closet was a sea of black, white and gray. I scheduled my Color Analysis and all I can say is "WOW!!! I am a warm Autumn. Which was surprising, and not surprising. Although I loved the colors, I never chose them for clothing. I left with my color swatches and now am building a colorful wardrobe that makes me happy. I feel so much better when I get dressed everyday!



"I had a group color analysis session with a few friends, and it was a great experience.  Gretchen made the session fun, informative, and interactive. We not only learned about our best colors but also shared fashion tips and bonded over our style journeys. It was a fun and fantastic way to connect with friends while discovering our individual color harmonies. Highly recommended!"



Gretchen is a fantastic guide into the world of color theory, and her input on my color analysis was mentally and spiritually freeing. I have completely reassessed my approach to my clothes (new and in my shopping cart) and I feel like I've been empowered to make the right decisions for me. Her stories and her suggestions on how to do it better are all fantatically useful! Cannot recommend enough!

Caroline T


 "I worked with Gretchen to pack for a long trip.  Her eye for styles and color made my own stuff look new and fresh. She minimized the money I had to spend to buy the finishing touches. It is  amazing the way that she can put together outfits that flatter my body type and accentuate my good features. I packed less than I ever had for a trip, but I had everything I needed to look and feel my best for all the functions and activities.  She's fantastic!

– Ann B


I had so much fun doing my color analysis with Gretchen! The process was fun and informative, and I loved the location. It was difficult for me to give up some colors at first, but after the process I could see clearly with my own eyes what my true best colors were and why. I left with the knowledge of what colors to shop for, an informative color season booklet tailored to my season, and I even got some options for hair color. I highly recommend Color Me Beautiful by Gretchen!

Julie B
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